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+386 (0)1 300 6 888
May 27th - May 31st 2024, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hiša eksperimentov is The Slovenian Science centre situated in Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia. It is a nano Science Centre - small in size but filled with activities.

Our »specialities« are the Science Shows - we call them Science adventures. Here are some titles: Lightology, Colourology, Gasology, Eggology, CentreOfMassology, Pressureology, Smellology, Memoryology, ...
Science adventures are filled with experiments, interaction and humour wrapped in a story. It takes some time and effort to build a Science Show and we would like to share our experiences with you.

Therefore after the success of the first nine editions we are proud to organize the tenth INSPIRE (INternational »Science Performance Is Ready« Event). Participants will learn how to:

  • Choose a topic for the Science Show,
  • Start planning a Science Show,
  • Add humour without being silly,
  • Avoid mistakes and traps,
  • Create contact with the public,
  • Act in front of the public,
  • Communicate science.


Registration is already possible! The number of participants for the tenth INSPIRE event will be limited to 12 and to two persons per institution. Preference will be given in order of registration. (first come-first served).
Registration is only possible using the link below.

The registration deadline is
March 31st


The registration fee is 900 € (early bird registration up to March 10th is 700 €) and includes a lot of work, a lot of fun, some new knowledge, five lunches and three dinners and opportunity to take active part in the Sciencetival (Znanstival, May 31st to June 2nd 2024 in Ljubljana, www.znanstival.si).

preliminary programme

Programme commitee:

Miha Kos
Paola Rodari
Diane Riendeau
Sven Dražan
Bob Friedhoffer
Organisation committee:

Sabina Založnik Vidic
Jurij Senič
Luka Vidic
Borut Likar

The workshop is prepared with the kind help of our friends from:

For more information, contact us:
The workshop gave me invaluable tools for communicating science through science shows. I had the opportunity to meet and work with creative people and we had the best tutors to guide us. Having completed the course, I feel truly inspired.
Isabel Teixeira de Sousa, Portugal
Receipe for the workshop:
A dozen of nice people helping you around, 2 cups of enthusiasm, 1 cup of creativity and 3 cups of motivation. Mix ingredients well and serve with topping made of laughter and improvisation.
(Attending the workshop was the best birthday present I could get! :)

Sandra Kolundžija, Croatia

At the I got inspired to inspire.
Florentine Frantz, Austria

were five days packed with experience about how to make great live science shows, how to combine experiments, a story line, humor and visitor interactions. I met many enthusiastic people from all over the world and felt like a part of the Hiša family. So if you want to have fun, work hard, see a beautiful city, make new friends and learn that sleep really isn't mandatory, I suggest you get d right away.
Sven Dražan, Czech Republic

I'm very happy and thankful that I had the opportunity to be part of the -Workshop. In this week I learned a lot on personal, professional and of course on scientific levels. The workshop was very well organised and the program was a good compound of theoretical and practical units, which pointed out many different aspects of scieceshows. I'm thankful that we had so many great trainers and tutors from all over the world, who have been very inspiring and supporetd us developing our own science shows.
Alina Natmessnig, Austria
My impression about IS ...
... that you can:
bring plenty of ideas
... to the course
... that you
get help and feedback
... while you are there
and that you can ...
take loads, seriously loads of ation!
... back home

Yvonne Simon, Switzerland
gave me new ideas and inspiration. Met lot of new and interesting people in lovely Ljubljana.
Magne Hognestad, Norway
In my opinion iis a good way to understand many things which are closely related to science shows. I have deepened knowledge about behaviour which I could use in my science shows. I have met many interesting people and saw new experiments and many other good things which are hard to describe. You have to take part in !
Radosław Miernik, Poland
was a really good meeting of many other brilliant explainer and I think that comparing eachother is one of the best kind to enrich our work and mind.
I've really appreciated the different kind of ways to think about a new shows: just to make sudience fun, to show him some science law, to teach...etc
The evaluetion stuff has been for me a really important point, couse I've never done this after my shows
Thanks a lot

Claudia Giordano, Italy
Opening up someones mind, turning inside out, upside down, helps to find new perspective to the world.
Judith Mann, Germany
Love it!
When I arrived I felt very big, now with all the things that I learnt I feel small. But it's good! In the next show I will be bigger than before!

Miguel Augusto, Portugal
was a very well organised workshop, with a broad spectrum of topics. Great to work on the science show with other educators from other nations.
Joachim Solum, Norway
The 3rd workshop met my expectations. I met kind and helpful professional coleagues. I learnt new ways to do science shows even better. Thank you, I enjoyed it!
Mark Szutyanyi, Hungary
Very good organization and planning, especially the trip to the castle was excellent. Very nice people, very good teamwork. Perfect, that you forced us to stay in contact with the public from the first moment. A bit more time to work on the own show would be even better.
Andreas Hantschk, Austria
I had a really special week, which felt like a lifetime of joy and friendship, optimism and excitement and and and ... It was also a personal journey, after which I feel much more secure about myself and genuinely d to move on!
A big thank you to the organizers!

Mira, Austria

Felix, Austria
I got many professional contacts, many good methods for teaching and making science shows. I got d!
Peter, Hungary
Great overview of all the ingredients needed for a science show. The teamwork with the godfather was also very inspiring.
Marine, Switzerland
is not only the name of the course, it truely IS inspiring to be at Hiša, to meet other motivated science communicators. If I ever get bored of my job (hopefuly not) I'll come back to Ljubljana. Their enthusiasm is "contagious"!
Sabine, Austria
I was double inspired: first with the place, secondly with the program that I was really scared to attend. I thought Artists can't think of or do Science-Shows. But Art&Science go together. Face your Fear, get out of the box & be INSPIRED.
Nevine, Egypt
INSPIRE was for me one of my best weeks in my life. I got challenged in many ways, professionally trained, inspired with many new ideas and I met a lot of interesting people. Thanks a lot !!!
Kathrin Ballmann
When I chose to attend this workshop I didn't expect it was going to be so great! As a professional it inspires me a lot! The schedule is so interesting and well done and the Hiša's staff is special: you feel like at home. I recommend it to everyone interested in science communication to attend it. Now, in fact I am INSPIRED as a performer and I have new friends too! Thank you for all !
Serena, Italy
I learned almost everything I knew about Science Shows from scratch here. And let me tell you: It was amazing! The Hiša is is like a place for “science-hippies” – to come and do whatever their heart wants. I hope to come here again.
Florian, Austria
It was a really great experience. A little bit different that I expected because usually I don’t do Science Shows but now I feel ready to do it.
Michael, Austria
It was the best experience of my life !!! I not only met really good friends, I also learned a lot about shows and especially about life ! Thank you for INSPIREing me like you did, this week will stay in my memory forever!
Sofia, Portugal
The most challenging, but also the most rewarding workshop, I ever took part in! Any science communicator who performs science shows or demonstration lectures should attend INSPIRE!
Fredrik, Norway
INSPIRE is learning and working together with inspiring and inspired people.
David, Switzerland
I expected to learn a lot at INSPIRE, but it turned out to be much mroe! I was inspired in many different ways and aspects of science shows. Thank you very much!
Charlotte, Switzerland
The INSPIRE course was a great opportunity to meet and owkr with (science communication) professionals from other institutions, share ideas and inspirations, learn from their experience and reflect on your own work. Thanks to the team for a great experience!
Kim, Germany
I had a great time. Everyone at Hiša was very welcoming and everything was well taken care of, so we didn't have to worry about anything. To INSPIRE and to be inspired: "goal acomplished!"
Standish, Netherlands
Transformative, educative and overall extremely fun. Though it's hard work and it can get a bit stressful, the people make it beautiful and the end result worth it. Fantastic experience!
Anja, Slovenia
A wonderful experience wit hthe right staff. The work we have is proportional to the fun we have.
Edgar, Portugal
An eye opening experience! I learned that you can create very much with from very little.
Frederic, Norway
Hvala za gostoljubnost! So inspiring to meet so many science-speaking people.
Gerrie, Netherlands
Meeting great people from all over the world. Super organized team. Many new impressions.
Nikola, Austria
My experience of INSPIRE was a perfect mix of:
- great organization
- inspiring people
- sharing experiences
And for this I want to thank you all :)

Alessia, Italy
INSPIRE is a five full days experience to share and to learn to the others. This si the way to grow. Thanks all for the passion in our fantastic job.
Katia, Italy
Days full of activities, ideas, suggestions, planning creations and of course inspirations!
Simply super!

Daniele Italy
I am very happy and thankful I could join the INSPIRE - because I met wonderful engaged people to work with. The conditions to try new things were great and inspiring.
Saabine, Norway
It was a great experience for me to be part of the show. Learned a lot about performing and preparing a science show. Very nice people and great staff from hiša. Perfect week.
Birgit, Switzerland
Great inspiring mix of theory and practice, creating and performing. I loved it!
Lothar, Switzerland
Miha and his wonderful staff at Hiša created the perfect conditions for us to learn, explore, fail, succeed, laugh, educate, listen and ... inspire each other in a melting pot of cultures, languages and locations, which all came to eruption of scientific joy with the performances at Sciencetival. Thank you!
Ludo, Netherlands
I couldn't imagine that it's possible to learn how to organise and run a science show. But it's possible! Thank you!
Bettina, Austria
Great experience with amazing people. It's so great to meet other 8 year old adults.
Ida, Norway
INSPIRE was a wonderful experience. Ljubljana, atmosphere, beautiful and inspiring people and a lot of information. It's really inspiring.
Kateryna, Ukraine
It was an amazing time! So fun to get inspired, and to also inspire others. My science luggage is so much heavier now!
Monica, Norway
It was an intense week with nice people, the best trainers and a great science community. I've learned many new and better ways to present science.
Pascal, Germany
I am very happy that I was able to participate in "Inspire". The information I received is very valuable and necessary. I also had fun and was inspired of coruse. Thanks to the Hiša eksperimentov team for this experience.
Yuliia, Ukraine
Inspire was a great place to get inspired and learn new stuff, and a lot of great people
Vetle, Norway
Up to now our students came from the following places

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